Most of us have been to a memorial service or visitation at a funeral home to remember and honor someone who has passed away. There are usually random photographs displayed and probably a video with more of these photographs being shown as well.

You may see a photograph or two and wonder why they were included, as they are not particularly good or flattering. And you think, “I’d really like to be the one to decide how people remember me and which events in my life are shared when I’m gone”.

Cindy Schneiderman

Cindy Schneiderman founded Let’s Celebrate My Life to provide you with the tools you need to document your life and decide what your legacy will be.

Cindy has been in the Life Insurance industry for over 18 years. Her clients are always telling how they want their final service to be, what arrangements they want, as well as how they want to be remembered.

She knew clients needed a place to go where they could speak to loved ones after they were gone, in a way only they could, with loving words, words of wisdom, even making their loved ones laugh. A way to be remembered by friends, family members and loved ones. So she created “Let’s Celebrate My Life.”

Rather than having a loved one trying to put something together at the last moment while dealing with the sadness of your passing, you can prepare your life story ahead of time, as it happens.

What sets Let’s Celebrate My Life apart from others making ‘funeral’ videos, is that you document your life as you live it with photos, videos, and music that you choose.

And you can begin the process at any age, whether you’re 25 or 65, it’s the right time to start preparing your life’s story as you want others to see it.

What important lessons do you want to share? What message do you want to leave behind? How do you want to celebrate your life?

It’s all up to you—choose one of our three plans: Gold, Silver, or Bronze and get started today.

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